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Sumatra Toba Batak



North Sumatra Province

Purbatua Village Toba Batak Smallholder

Full Bodied-Rich-Light Earthiness in finish



From a small village or Purbatua in the North Sumatra province. Population 575. These are truly smallholder farmers. Most coffee from Sumata is processed by a traditional method called Wet hulling, or Giling Basah. This type of processing allows the farmer to not only overcome the often heavy rains in getting his/her coffee dried, but also allows movement to market for much needed income. Due to this method coffees from this region often have big body and a very distinct earthiness that many enjoy. As it is with all the best coffees of the world there exist a nice balance of it’s best features. This example from the Purbatua Villagers villagers is one.