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El Salvador San Carlos


Finca San Carlos

Carlos Raul Riera Menendez

Relationship Coffee-Rain Forest Alliance Certified

Big Bodied-Creamy-Caramel-Easy Acidity



The 2022/23 harvest has arrived. Our 13th. Protected from the wind, this small finca is tucked away on the eastern slope of Ilamatepec Volcano, Canton Potrero Grande. This has been a family farm for 75 years. Carlos inherited this finca from his father, Dr. Amadeo Riera y Solona to whom he credits with teaching him the dedication and care necessary to produce what Carlos laughingly says is the best coffee in all of El Salvador. Maybe just one of the best as Finca San Carlos consistently finishes in the El Salvador Cup of Excellence top 20. Carlos and his family are committed to the social welfare of the surrounding communities through active participation in programs that encourage education, job growth, conservation, and the national culture. Although the harvest was lost during the eruption of 2005, the farm escaped serious damage. I have always loved the vibe. Hard work by passionate people happens there.