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Santa Josefita 2018

Here’s a sneak peek at next year’s harvest of Santa Josefita, one of our most beloved Relationship Coffees from El Salvador. Freshly harvested beans from Santa Josefita are air-drying on the patio at the Finca Serbia micro-mill.
These beans will be roasted and brewed for you in Spring 2018.
Santa Josefita coffee has historically been sweet and mild in the cup. But with the installation of the new fermentation tanks at the Finca Serbia micro-mill — the coffee will remain sweet and well balanced, but also is expected to gain complexity and body.
As Bridgeport Coffee founder and president Mike Pilkington has said, “Fernando Lima, owner of Santa Josefita, farms with precision. He mills his specialty coffees at his micro-mill located at Finca Serbia. The mill looks like his farms — clean, organized, precise, and thoughtful.”

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