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About the name Bubbly Creek

We noticed on twitter that Seth Anderson had posted a comment about our “oddly named Bubbly Creek Blend” on flickr.

He cited the Wikipedia and Upton Sinclair historical descriptions of Bubbly Creek as the reason for the oddness. Understandable!

We asked our founder and roastmaster Mike Pilkington to respond:

The idea of naming a coffee blend Bubbly Creek Blend came when we met the founders of the regional environmental organization, The Wetlands Initiative. In 2008, The Wetlands Initiative had proposed a project that would have converted Bubbly Creek to a wetland complete with viewing gazebo. I decided to create a blend that Bridgeport Coffee could use to not only bring the issue of urban pollution forward, but also to offer financial support for this new, local organization. The Bubbly Creek project obviously never happened, but Bridgeport Coffee has sent money to the Wetlands Initiative every month since that time. The Wetlands Initiative has gone on to become a very important organization for their work in regional Wetlands restoration. The fact that the conversation is initiated by the blend name is evidence that the goal of opening the conversation regarding Northern Illinois environmental issues is working.

Learn more about The Wetlands Initiative @ http://www.wetlands-initiative.org/

Please note that we offer a coffee soda also called Bubbly Creek. [Update: Since discontinued.]

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