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When were my beans roasted?

Sometimes customers want to know when the Bridgeport Coffee beans they’ve purchased in our coffeehouse or at retail locations around Chicago were roasted.

Our founder and roastmaster Mike Pilkington explains: “Some roasters like to use a roast on date on their product, and I certainly understand why, but we have found such a practice causes confusion.

“We pack and heat seal our coffee into retail bags direct from the roaster. The bags feature a one way de-gassing valve that allows the coffee to release CO2 and prevent oxygen from entering.

“Coffee sold in our retail locations will be anywhere from 1 to 13 days old. Whole Foods requires that we use sell-by dates. Coffee sold in Whole Foods could be a maximum of 90-120 days old, depending on the date the coffee is packed. Generally, all our coffees turn over, depending on the store, somewhere between one week and one month.

“There is a general misconception that coffee fresh from the roaster is best, but the reality is, depending on roast level, coffee left to oxidize outside of the stay fresh bag reaches its flavor peak in 3-5 days. That period is extended dramatically by the way the coffee is packed. Although difficult to completely quantify, we are very confident our coffee stays within acceptable flavor quality standards after the maximum of 120 days.”

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