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A fair trade certified logo with a person holding a pot.

Fair Trade Certified™

Since our beginning we have always taken great pains to know everything we can about how our coffee is grown, but we have also been certified with Fair Trade USA for our supply chain role in roasting and importing coffees from around the world.

Even before certification, we have always taken our role as a custodian of the coffee supply chain seriously, and now our status has been certified as well.

Fair Trade USA’s slogan is “Every purchase matters” — and we believe that saying applies to our coffee as well. Every purchase matters because every bean matters and every worker matters and every customer matters.

Fair trade offers a direct route to more delicious flavors, with higher quality beans, grown on sustainable sites. We take pride in delivering the highest quality coffees to you, while influencing fair treatment of farmers and workers around the world.

By improving lives and protecting working conditions, we make better coffee for you. It’s that simple.

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