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El Salvador Santa Josefita Natural

From: $19.00 / month

Finca Santa Josefita

Lima family Relationship Coffee

Rain Forest Alliance Certified In the Cup

Full Bodied-Rich-Sweet-Light Fruit Finish



The 2022/23 harvest is the house. Our 16th. This family owned farm is located in the Northern section of the Apaneca-Ilamatepec volcanic mountain range near the beautiful little town of Ataco. The Lima Brothers farm with precision. Milling takes place on the same day as harvest at their low water use micro-mill located at the base of the Santa Ana Volcano. The mill looks like the farms; clean, organized, precise, and thoughtful are descriptions that come to mind when I observe their operation. What makes this coffee different is it is allowed to dry with the coffee fruit intact which creates a full bodied, fruity cup. Many coffees processed in this manner overwhelm the pallet with ripe fruit. But the natural from Josefita is a more subtle and balanced.