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Bubbly Creek Blend


South America

Heavy Body-Sweet-Berry-Balanced



There’s a story about Bubbly Creek. I don’t know if it’s true, but it seems plausible to me. In the early 20th century… Seems there was a dispute between the residents of Bridgeport and the meat packers over the lard that floated on Bubbly Creek. The locals were skimming the lard from the top of the water, using it for cooking. The meat packers said the lard belonged to them as it was the hides they threw in the water that created
it. The alderman decided in favor of the meat packers and passed an ordinance keeping the local residents away. There is also a famous photograph of a chicken walking on the water.

We support the effort of The Wetlands Initiative in their efforts to return our area wetlands and area waterways to a state that our native plants and animals can return. I became acquainted with this organization a number of years ago when they had a proposal to convert the south branch (Bubbly Creek) of the Chicago River to a wetland. Unfortunately, politics and finances got in the way, and that project is dead. The organization lives on and continues to do fantastic work.”