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Traditional Batak tribe house

Toba farmers with their plants


Sumatra Lintong

Sumatra – Lake Toba Villages

Name: Sriwijaya Coffee Growers
Origin: Northern Sumatra
Region: Lake Toba
Farmer: Smallholder
Varietal: Typica and Djember
Altitude: 1600-1750 Meters
Proc. Method: Traditional Wet Process-Sun Dried
In the Cup: Full Body, Earthy, Spice and Herbs

Celebrating our 8th harvest with these family farms from the Lintong Region in Northern Sumatra.

Sent to us by the representatives of the families…

A couple of centuries ago, the Dutch introduced Arabica coffee to local farmers in one of their colonies, Dutch East Indies or modern day Indonesia. One of the major regions in Dutch East Indies where the Arabica coffee was first planted is the west side of Lake Toba region in the Northern Sumatra. The Arabica coffee produced in this Lake Toba region has unique taste profile because of the combination of altitude, soil structure and climate. These days, a blend of the coffee from this region and from the other parts of the Sumatra Island is renowned as Sumatra Mandheling coffee. Due to the popularity of this Sumatra Mandheling trademark name, many coffee collectors and exporters in Northern Sumatra mix Sumatra coffee from different regions in Sumatra and sometimes even outside of Sumatra and label the blended coffee as Sumatra Mandheling. This practice of blending makes it hard to find Sumatra Mandheling coffee with consistent taste profile. The majority of our coffee offerings come from the Northern Sumatra region, where we have family ties with several coffee growers around the Lintong and Dolok Sanggul Lake Toba villages. We ensure that our coffees are processed properly and consistently from harvesting until they are shipped to our warehouses. We are confident that we provide value added services to our customers by providing this control on the quality of our coffees that we supply. We DO NOT blend our Sumatra coffee with different district ones and not to mention with non-Sumatra. Our coffees are the true Single Origin Sumatran Lintong Dolok Sanggul coffees.

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