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Santa Josefita

One of our most beloved Relationship Coffees from El Salvador

Excellence in the cup

A sweet, creamy, complex medium roast


Santa Josefita Natural

El Salvador Santa Josefita Natural 2015-16

Origin: El Salvador
Region: Apaneca-ILamatepec Mountains-Northwest of the town of Ataco
Farmer: Fernando and Ernesto Lima
Varietal: 100% Heirloom Bourbon
Altitude: 900-1150 Meters
Proc. Method: Natural – Micro-Milled-Patio Dried-European Prep at Finca Serbia
In the Cup: Big body, sweet, dry, berry

As with different roast styles, the way coffee is processed dramatically affects the aroma and flavor of coffee. The four basic styles of processing are fully washed, semi-washed, honey prepped and natural. There are countless variations to these four primary means. The most simple explanation is that fully washed means all the coffee fruit is washed off before the coffee is dried, with semi washed some fruit remains, honey prep even more, and natural all remains when the drying process begins. Processing a coffee naturally can be rewarding but fraught with hazard. In order to minimize the risk, Fernando dries the coffee on raised beds in the same manner farmers from Ethiopia have done for centuries. The result is a big bodied, sweet, full fruit cup. Unusually clean.

The Apaneca-ILamatepec Mountains are located in the Northwest of the country. The town of Ataco is a peaceful little tourist destination that is perpetually clean and freshly painted. It is a quaint little mountain town that the urban dwellers from Santa Ana and San Salvador come to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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