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Costa Rica Doña Mima

A revolution in coffee milling provides exceptional flavor


Costa Rica Doña Mima


Origin: Costa Rica
Region: Santa Maria de Dota- Terrazu
Farmer: Jaquín Solís
Varietal: 100% Villasarchi
Altitude: 1900 Meters
Proc. Method: Micro-Milled/Washed/Dried on raised beds
In the Cup: Juicy-Berry-Dark Chocolate

There’s a Micro-Mill revolution going on in Costa Rica. Farmers are beginning to understand that in order to produce a higher quality cup and inevitably a higher price for their harvest, they must improve not only farming methods, but also processing techniques.

Finca Doña Mima was planted with the Villasarchi coffee variety five years ago by Juaquín Solís. He named the farm after his mother. The Villasarchi is a natural mutation of the El Salvador Bourbón cultivar that was discovered in Costa Rica in the 1950’s. It is a physically smaller bean that is classified as a dwarf variety. It does very well at high altitudes, preferring deep volcanic soil and much shade.

Micro-milled at El Pílon Micro-Mill this is a beautiful version of this variety of coffee. Our team has given this coffee the highest grade of any we have cupped in 2016.


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