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A mountainside in South Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa


Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo 2017

Origin: Democratic Republic of Congo
Region: Lake Kivu- Eastern Congo
Farmer: Sopacdi Coop
Varietal: Bourbon Derivatives
Altitude: 1460-2000m
Proc. Method: Fully Washed/Sun Dried
Certifications: Organic and Fair Trade
In the Cup: Big Body, Toasted Almond, Easy Acidity

After suffering through years of Civil War and the economic struggles that accompany such times, the best farmers from Congo are beginning to re-emerge.

A few years ago, Bridgeport Coffee purchased a small amount of coffee from the DRC. We loved its character and body. Warm temperatures, high elevation and quality volcanic soil provide what is potentially one of the worlds great coffee growing regions. The war continued and coffee buyers weren’t coming, so it wasn’t until 2016 that the first specialty grade coffee harvest in several years became available. The importer of this coffee knew how I felt about coffee from Congo, so I received a phone call and purchased the coffee without pre-shipment approval.

This Fair Trade/Organic certified coffee from the 5600 member SOPACDI COOP has not disappointed. Twenty percent of the farmers of this organic, fair trade coffee are women. It is one of the year’s great coffees so far — with a big, creamy body, and a beautiful, distinct toasted almond. Cost a bit more that usual, but worth every penny.

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Photo by MONUSCU Photos